Pacific Smiles beautifully photographs the emotions and stories at your wedding.


At Pacific Smiles, my goal is simple – I strive to capture the joy of your wedding in a way which you may cherish forever. Widely regarded as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Sydney, Suresh, at Pacific Smiles, takes an artistic and photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. Pacific Smiles have captured stories at more than 70 weddings, including numerous destination weddings.

Taking an artistic and photojournalistic approach, I seek photo opportunities which capture the true, candid moments of joy, emotions, bonding and all types of positive energy. To tell the story of your wedding in images, I start much before the actual wedding itself. I put a lot of effort in understanding the background of the bride and the groom, the families, the culture and the setting of the wedding. Our clients have given us the feedback that such a rapport strengthens their confidence in us.

I do pre-wedding photography in beautiful places, which sets the background for the wedding photo-story. As the wedding day approaches, I cover the wedding preparations, the elaborate ceremonies of the bride and groom getting ready. While at the wedding venue, I pay special attention on capturing the people and experiences involved during wedding rituals, wedding dinner and the reception.

Especially for brides, the wedding day is full of emotions and beauty. With our rich and diverse experience, I take wedding photos which bring out the beauty and joy of the bride. For grooms as well, our aim is to capture his elegance along with the high energy of the friends and family around him.