Pacific Smiles Photography: Blog en-us (C) Pacific Smiles Photography (Pacific Smiles Photography) Fri, 03 Sep 2021 01:21:00 GMT Fri, 03 Sep 2021 01:21:00 GMT Pacific Smiles Photography: Blog 120 106 Dorella & Cary It was a Winter wedding. It had a picture-perfect setting, gorgeous weather, beautiful people. That bear witness that 2021 managed to take away with it so many dreams and wishes but not LOVE!

The domino effect of the pandemic last year swallowed the wedding dreams of millions of couples, but it was amazing to see how the to-be-married couples took the bull by the horns and rerouted their wedding journey to happy-ever-afters with the micro or virtual form of weddings. You would want to witness one of those daring love stories that create a euphoric sense of freedom to celebrate the happiest day of life in the most beautiful way by complying with just a few easy-breezy guidelines to keep the evil away.

Weddings always inspire us and make us fall in love again and again and lastly encourage us to love even more deeply and harder. Dorella & Cary’s wedding was one of them! We are very much sure that their memorable wedding and reception are going to stay with us for a long time, and just like their gleaming and sparkling smiles, we wish that Dorella & Cary have a lifetime of candid and picturesque moments!



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Marilyn and Thibault I knew straight away that I’d get on well with Marilyn and Thibault when she sent me this email about her Blue Mountains wedding Dantosa House is obviously a pretty grand venue so we want to keep it non-poncey. Lots of green, using the natural light and environment. We’re both very laid back and want to have a fun day with friends and family above everything else. Dantosa has a grand garden, but that’s not to say it’s stuffy or overly formal. There are elements of formality, but it’s carried off in an elegant and effortless way making it a memorable venue for this wedding.



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Susie & Glenn "...It’s so good. It’s so good. We are completely blown away. You guys are unbelievably talented and we are so privileged and lucky that you were able to capture our wedding. This is utterly perfect. Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined something so amazing. The films, the photos, everything. It’s insane. You two are absolute legends..."


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Lucy & Sam We’ve had so many great comments from people about your photos. Even friends who weren’t there have commented on how great the fun and relaxed atmosphere was, and that’s just from them seeing the pics online. As my brother said, a good photographer gets pretty photos, a really great photographer can capture the atmosphere and mood of an event.


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Nicole & Andrew He was absolutely amazing! I couldn't recommend him enough. Our wedding photography was more challenging than normal and the photos that I saw on the night surpassed what I could have ever hoped for. I can't wait to see all the finished photos. Our guests all commented that he was excellent and so lovely to speak to and we couldn't agree more. Hands down the best photographer!


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Rebecca & Ramendra "...You guys absolutely broke through barriers of our expectations for our wedding day. The memories are now immortalised from our day. The moments bring our wedding back to life, and show the happiness, love, excitement and enjoyment in such beautiful ways. We constantly pinch ourselves when looking at them. We are amazed that that's actually us..."

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Kylie & Guy Just an amazing photographer. Very professional, very friendly and extremely patient. The photos of our wedding day are outstanding. Thank you Suresh for everything. We highly recommend you to anybody looking for a quality photographer. Extremely well priced for the standard you have delivered. Thank you again.

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